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How to Style a Bookshelf with Homepolish’s Orlando Soria

There is an art that comes with styling a bookshelf. Gone are the days of simply dumping hoards of books on a shelf just for the sake of storage. Bookshelves can offer so much personality to a home, and it’s a wonderful way to invite creative and artful elements into your space. The books you find on a neatly-styled bookshelf may or may not ever get a page turn, but how gorgeous do they look all stacked for display?! The answer: sooo gorgeous. Last week, we met up with Homepolish’s Creative Director Orlando Soria for his expert opinion on bookshelf styling. Read on to find out his tips and tricks.

New Beginnings, Newly Decorated with Homepolish

Whether you’re moving in for the first time or are just rearranging things a bit after your big day, we are big believers in fresh décor for newly married couples. To help you turn your newlywed home into your ultimate sanctuary, we’ve teamed up with the interior designers at Homepolish. Here’s how it works… What is Homepolish? Homepolish is an interior design service that is doing away with the traditional interior design model, skipping the commissions and product markups, and transforming homes and offices across the country. Their mission? To help you live and work in a beautiful space. Homepolish brings you you interior design consultations for an affordable, flat hourly rate. How does it work? It’s easy. The process starts with a one hour consultation where you get to know your designer and fall in love with their ideas. You will discuss goals, needs, and wants. From there, you can decide to purchase additional design time to fit the size and bandwidth of your project. What Cities does Homepolish work in? With Zola, you can …