Month: October 2016

How Your Registry Can Influence Your Wedding Style

Photo by Nina & Wes Photography Your wedding day is an opportunity to showcase your taste as a couple. This means translating your personal style into all aspects of wedding planning – from the invitations and floral arrangements to the registry. Translating your registry style into your wedding day style, and vice versa, is gaining in popularity as couples are drawn to more personalized registries. In fact, selecting registry items can help inspire a more cohesive vision for the big day. As you build your registry, if you notice you are drawn to certain colors, themes or patterns, you can incorporate these motifs into the big day for a wedding style that reflects you as newlyweds. Below are a few of our recommendations to translate your registry into your wedding day!

Get Spooky: DIY Halloween Party Treats!

We love getting into the Halloween spirit over at Zola HQ! Perhaps it’s the increase in candy consumption around the office that gets everyone excited – Either way, there’s no shortage of fun surrounding this spooky event. We decided to whip up our favorite DIY drink + snack combo for the occasion. Whether you’re hosting or attending a Halloween party this weekend, here are two quick & easy DIY treats to woo (and boo) your guests! Creepy Crawly Cocktails Featuring OXO’s Good Grips Spirits Ice Cube Tray  What You’ll Need: Fresh H2O Ice Cube Tray – We recommend using a silicon tray like the above for easy removal. Plastic Toy Spiders Clear drinking glasses (so you can see the crawlers!) Your favorite cocktail, soda or punch filled to the brim How to Make: 1. First, wash the plastic spiders with soap and water. 2. Place one toy spider into each cube, and then fill ice trays with fresh filtered water. Freeze overnight. Featuring Kate Spade’s Darling Point Double Old Fashioned Glass Set 3. Once the cubes are ready, we recommend bringing the ice trays directly to the …

How to Style a Bookshelf with Homepolish’s Orlando Soria

There is an art that comes with styling a bookshelf. Gone are the days of simply dumping hoards of books on a shelf just for the sake of storage. Bookshelves can offer so much personality to a home, and it’s a wonderful way to invite creative and artful elements into your space. The books you find on a neatly-styled bookshelf may or may not ever get a page turn, but how gorgeous do they look all stacked for display?! The answer: sooo gorgeous. Last week, we met up with Homepolish’s Creative Director Orlando Soria for his expert opinion on bookshelf styling. Read on to find out his tips and tricks.

5 Wedding Gifts for Jetsetters

Photo c/o @doyoutravel on Instagram Wedding registries are anything but ordinary these days. Now more than ever, couples are registering for products and experiences that complement their jetset lifestyle. From vacation funds, travel accessories and one-of-a-kind experiences, almost anything goes. Whether you have plans to backpack through South America or lounge in a bungalow off the Caribbean, these wedding gifts will help get you there: 5 Weddings Gifts for Jetsetters #1 Perfect Carry-On Luggage by Bric Have you heard? Luggage takes the cake as the number one gift couples regret not registering for. Out of a survey of over 625 engaged and newly married couples, approximately 25% wish they added luggage to the list. It’s a quality gift you will always need, so let your guests help you invest in something that will last. #2 Molded Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Avoid starting your honeymoon with a crick in your neck! Register for a travel pillow, so you can arrive to your destination blissful and balanced. Plus, you can use it to snuggle up to your new …

How To: Dating & Debating in 2016

Here at Zola we don’t have any political affiliation, but we know that dating and debating in 2016 has never been as complicated! Years ago you might have been told that political conversations have no place at the dinner table, but those days are over. Discussing politics is no longer a faux pas; it is crucial to any relationship. We decided to survey our couples on the issue. Read on for tips from Jennifer Spector, Zola’s Newlywed-At-Large. The Survey We recently surveyed over 800 of our couples to find out just how many are in politically divided relationships. We also wanted to know how many millennials would marry somebody who is voting for the other side in this year’s upcoming election. Interestingly, we found that when it comes to love, Republicans are actually more flexible than Democrats! Democrats: When asked if they would marry somebody who is voting for Donald Trump: 93% said, “No, are you insane?!” Only 7% said, “Yes, love knows no bounds.” 87% of survey respondents who identified as Democrats are married or …