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Stefanie Cove’s Wedding Do’s & Don’ts: Staying Sane During Planning

Brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, parents and friends – there is a LONG list of people involved in planning a wedding. The best thing to do though is take a big, deep breath and relax. It is so important to keep things in perspective and remember what a wedding is truly all about. Although it may be the most important day of two people’s lives, at the end of the day, nobody is performing surgery- no lives are actually on the line. To stay calm, we’ve turned to celebrity planner and Zola Tastemaker Stefanie Cove to get her most tried and trusted tips on staying sane.

wedding planning tips

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Stefanie has established herself as one of the preeminent event producers in 
the world. With 15 years combined experience in the hospitality and event 
planning industries, and as the managing partner at Yifat & Oren Associates, 
Stefanie has unparalleled knowledge of how to seamlessly orchestrate an event,
domestic or destination, from inception through completion. Molly Sims, Natalie
Portman, Drew Barrymore, and Behati Prinsloo all count Stefanie as their 
meticulous yet calm wedding planner extraordinaire.

1 | Do Be Organized

wedding planning tips

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Organization is my saving grace, and it will be yours too. Nothing is off limits – color coordinate, pads of post-its, checklists and timelines, do whatever works for you. Whether you’re Excel savvy or love Google docs, stay in control of the planning process. If you don’t, it will control you.

2 | Don’t Listen to Everyone Else

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So many brides and grooms go insane with the overwhelming amount of advice and opinions thrown at them day in and day out. This can be completely exhausting, confusing and ultimately frustrating. While this is mostly done out of love, kindly smile and say thank you. Remember, you’re under no obligation to take all the advice to heart. It’s very sweet to recognize parents and loved ones in the celebration, but the most important opinions belong to the couple getting married- it is after all, your special day.  Do what’s meaningful to you and what will make you both the happiest, that’s all that matters.

3 | Do What Feels Right

wedding planning tips_3

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I’ve found your gut feeling is usually the right one, so trust it. This can be very challenging sometimes, like deciding not to invite somebody or choosing a destination wedding. Trust me though, you’ll be happy in the end if you simply trust yourself from the start!

xx, Stefanie

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Images || (Feat.) Sasha Gulish Photography, (1) Shira Weinberger Photography, (2) Meg Smith Photography, (3) Meg Smith Photography


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