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#ZolaCouple: Meet Melody & Keith, the Coffee Lovebirds

Meet our latest #ZolaCouple, Melody and Keith. These two lovebirds are the kind of couple you look at and just feel the energy of their love. It is a beautiful thing to witness, and has most certainly inspired us to share! From spending Q.T. in their cozy & chic Kentucky home to supporting each other in all of their dreams and aspirations, we are head over heels for this #ZolaCouple. How did you meet? We were actually co-workers! We both worked at a campus ministry located on the University of Kentucky’s campus. We worked two desks apart from each other and honestly never thought twice about the other person. About a year and a half in something changed! How did he propose? Long story short – He did it in such a normal way, which I loved! It felt like every other day, and it was a part of something we would actually be doing in a normal part of our lives together. After meeting my parents for dinner in Downtown Lexington, it was pouring down rain, so we decided …

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#ZolaCouple: Meet Heidi + Frank + Their Grand Budapest Hotel-Themed Wedding

Meet the lovely Heidi & Frank. This #ZolaCouple had a wedding that was fit for the big screen! In fact, their wedding theme was inspired by the Wes Anderson film Grand Budapest Hotel. We think they nailed it. What do you think? When they aren’t busy being a power couple, Heidi is a wedding & lifestyle photographer, and together they own a wedding venue in New York called Takk House. Read on to hear their love story – it’s one for the books!


How To Survive Wedding Season

It’s officially here! Even if the weather doesn’t feel like it yet, wedding season is in full swing for the next four months. Read on for Zola’s expert tips and tricks to surviving it all. Get Organized Organization is key to surviving wedding season. Between all the rehearsal dinners, bachelorette party planning lunches, bridesmaid dress fittings and the actual weddings, you’re about to have a lot of events in the cal. Be sure to use an organizational method that works for you so you can stay on top of all the appointments and ensure you don’t oversleep the weekend of Dani from work’s shower. Budget Accordingly Weddings get expensive and not just for the father of the bride. It’s true: flights, hotels, transporation and gifts can all add up for us guests way beyond what we initially imagined. By this point, you probably have some idea of which weekends to reserve for destination weddings, showers and bachelorette parties. We suggest taking an honest look at the next four months and allocate funds for each. Factor in all possible expenses, even pre-party manicures so there …


Guests’ Favorite Wedding Gifts to Give

Choosing a wedding gift right off the registry seems like an easy task for a wedding guest, right? The couple has presented you a list of their hand-picked favorites and all you have to do is add to your cart and you’re done. Seems easy. NOT! You want to be the best guest, the one who gives the perfect gift that is EXACTLY what the couple wants. And even with a curated selection of everything they would like, you want to make sure your gift stands out from all the other registry gift givers. Do you go practical and give the gift you know they’ll use every day, like those monogrammed towels they asked for? Or do you blow them away with your affinity for the finer things and get them the crystal candle sticks they will bust out only for special occasions? It’s tricky. Whichever route you take, if you stick to the registry you’ll be in good shape. If you still need some help, here’s a look at some of our greatest hits that guests love to …