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5 Kitchen Tools Real Chefs Register For

Back at our Los Angeles Zola Townhouse, we had the pleasure of working with Pace Webb, executive chef and owner of Taste of Pace, her catering company. She’s one of the most sought-after chefs on the LA food scene and after she cooked for our events, we could see why. She makes the type of food that is so pretty, but you’re not-at-all scared to eat it because you know it will be insanely delicious. And it was! Then we started chatting with her and we became full-fledged fans. We asked our new friend to tell us what real chefs like herself would register for. Here are her top five kitchen must-haves. Signature Round Dutch Oven, Le Creuset Flame, 5.5 quart “A right of passage for any adult—chef or not—is to own their very own Le Creuset piece! The Dutch Oven is an absolute staple of any kitchen and can last for generations. This all-purpose cookware is perfect for creating stews, cooking vegetables or grains, and one-pot meals. I love to braise meat in my Dutch …

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Wedding Registry Hacks

How to get exactly what you want for your wedding is one of the frequently-asked questions from our Zola couples and we completely understand why. It’s not everyday we get to ask for whatever we want from our nearest and dearest (and coworkers, family friends, Great Aunts we’ve only met once, the list goes on). So here’s our expert advice on how to check gifts off the perfect wedding registry. Ask and You Shall Receive Don’t be shy! First-timers may feel a bit of pressure to register for what they think they’re supposed to register for, instead of registering for what they actually want. This is a huge mistake! If you don’t register for what you want, you won’t get what you want. It’s that easy. Personalized Notes In order to effectively make your case for why you need that Vitamix or swanky coffee table, add a personalized note on your wedding registry explaining to your guests how each gift will fit into your new life as a couple. It takes few extra minutes, but it is totally worth it …


Ralph Lauren Home

We at Zola are so excited to announce our newest brand to hit the site, Ralph Lauren Home. Synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle, the pieces are truly timeless. Plus, Ralph Lauren makes gifts that guests love to give, so you and your guests will be thrilled to see these picks on your wedding registry.


The Modern Registry

When it comes to your wedding registry, you can have it all – it’s 2016, people! We at Zola are all about the mix-and-match technique. Our ideal checklist includes a little bit of timelessness, some things super trendy, perhaps part of a down payment and even some charitable donations. These well-rounded picks are sure to make you and all of your guests happy, too. Timeless Classics Silverware, serving dishes and crisp linens are all staples of this category. Think of these as the items your Great Aunt most likely got for her wedding, too. You’ll have them forever and they never go out of style. Even if you aren’t sure you’ll need settings for 24 guests, start with a smaller number in a classic style so you can add on later, if the time ever comes. If not, you have enough for just you two and a few extra to account for all those kitchen accidents that built up over the course of a lifetime.    1. Invento 24-Piece Stemware Set – $150 2. Pewter Stoneware Octagonal Charger …


Outdoor Adventure

At Zola, we are huge fans of thinking outside the box when it comes to crafting the perfect wedding registry that fits your lifestyle as a couple. So if you’re ready for a lifetime of fun and adventures, this wedding registry list is for you. Inspired by the longer days and warmer temperatures, we’ve put together everything you’ll need for some outdoor adventures…finally!


Perfect Pastels

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Springtime. From spending a lot more time outside to our moods being noticeably better every day, we are welcoming this weather change with each scarf-less stride we take. For us at Zola, Spring marks the start of Wedding Season, so last-minute registry updates are on our minds, too. Give your wedding registry a fresh feel with our pastel picks that are sure to be the perfect seasonal touch.