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The Coolest Geode Finds to Add to Your Wedding Registry

The hottest registry decor this season are gifts that incorporate geodes, crystals, and natural minerals. These items are colorful, fun, and add a more organic feel to any home. Geodes in particular are very popular, because they are durable and can stand up to wear and tear, even though they look quite delicate and fragile. Adding in a jewel toned color, or a natural element, provides balance among other more modern, stark pieces and will make your newlywed home pop long after the honeymoon!


Group Gifting

One of our favorite Zola features is Group Gifting – where your friends, coworkers and family members can go in on your wedding gifts together completely hassle-free. It’s a modern take on the old tradition of wedding registries so here is our handy guide to explaining this new-age trend to anyone who might have a few questions.


Geodes and Gemstones

No matter what decade we are in, geodes and gemstones are the epitome of cool – always have been, always will be. They make the perfect accent piece, statement piece or center piece, which is why we are willing to stock up and place perfectly around our homes. Like what you see? Check out the entire Zola collection here. Dive Bar Smartphone Connected Ring Smart jewelry is here to stay, especially if it looks as great as this part statement piece, part bluetooth-enabled device. You can customize it to alert you to whatever you want allowing you to discreetly integrate technology into your life in a way that’s street-style ready 24/7. Travessa Platter Even if you’re serving your world famous take-out, anything looks gourmet on this platter. Treat your guests to a stunning display in rich hues they will never forget. If you can’t get enough of it, try mounting it on your wall for some innovative eye candy. Trigg Large Wall Vessel  This wall-mounted delight is sure to make you smile each and every day thanks …


Dog Days of Summer

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean your pet can’t join in on the celebrations, too! We know that not all dogs get a full-on wedding like Toast did, but give your pup the Zola treatment with these paw-sitively perfect picks that any dog, cat or miniature pig will be sure to enjoy.


Wedding Party Gifts

Show some love to the people who mean most to you in life (aside from your fiancé, of course) – your wedding party. If you’ve ever stood up in a wedding, you know all about the time commitment, emotion and energy you put in to making this moment special for your closest friends, so now it’s time to thank your “I do” crew for going above and beyond for you. But how!? With some of our hand-picked gifts and favors, that’s how. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card It’s 2016 and bridesmaid proposals are officially a “thing”. And everyone is going to want all the details of “how you asked” this time around, too. Pop the question to your besties with this perfectly fitting card and wait for their gushing replies. Conversation Starters I Like You Trinket Tray Hit them with the truth. Let them know how you really feel with this cute little trinket tray that makes the perfect statement. Wrap it in a bow, write a sweet note and voila! Carry On Cocktail Kit – The Gin & …

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The Busy Couple’s Guide To A Wedding Registry

We at Zola know what it’s like to be booked for weeks on end – from work events, to plans with friends, family dinners, birthdays, girls brunches, the list continues. And to throw wedding planning into the mix is no easy feat! While we can’t ease ALL parts of the wedding, we can help make your wedding registry process absolutely seamless for both you and your guests. So get back to your life and let us handle the rest. Check ‘Em Off The List So many of our couples come straight off their engagement high into a panic about their wedding registry because gifts are already arriving. Our Registry Checklist was made just for you and the sooner you complete it, the sooner you will start getting the gifts you actually want. Check, check, check. Start Off Strong We made these Starter Collections for a reason! Why? Because we know how easy it is to forget about the small stuff. How about this set aptly named 100 Most Popular Gifts? Or click on over to Gifts Under $50 to make …